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Company Elektroremont is an establishment developed as a branch of coal mine in Banovici. In the early beginnings, the base of work was limited only on maintenance of electrical equipment in possession of coal mine, but later, when the capacities of the company became bigger, business has expanded on other clients.

Modernisation of industry and mining technology has lead to the need for perfectioning of technological processes as well as the the quality maintainance of these. In the end of the 70-ies rewinding technology of highvoltage elec­tromotors leveled on 10 KV has been adopted.

By import of new equipment in mining, frstly import of dumper trucks (whose operation is based on electric power), there was need for education in field of electric in order to perform the quality maintainance. Regarding this fact, in the year 1980., certain number of employees have been visiting „General electric" company in USA in order to aquire a certain degree of education.Along with that came purchasing of machines for quality maintainence which made „Elektroremont"an official representative in maintainance of „General Electric" for Balkans. Some employees have been visiting Russian com­pany "Bellaz" for additional education in practice.

Apart from USA and SSSR, some employees also took advantage in education and maintenance of highpreassure pumps, in German company "PLEUGER" in Hamburg, what made Elektroremont an official service company in Balkans.
Since Oktobar, the 1st 1991, Elektroremont was a company of share holders. In the year 2000 Elektroremont com­pany has been privatised and has become a property of employees.

There are temporarily 130 employees in this company out of which 14 of them are higlihly educated for this business.

As a proof that Elektroremont company is succesfull in its business, its education and educated staff is a document "System of quality managment" the international standards EN ISO 9001-2000.